Friday, August 8, 2014

Tagore Songs again - now cataloged

The audio CDs and the book of translations of Tagore songs are now cataloged and added to the University of Virginia library collections.

We thank Sugata Bose for donating the set of 4 CDs of the first title to the University of Virginia library.  Professor Bose is also the selector of his favorite Tagore songs on the second title, My Tagore.  And to complete this set of three related titles, he is also the translator into English of Tagore poems and songs in the third title, a book which includes most of the songs recorded on the CDs of the first title World Voyager.

Click on any of the covers to see a larger image.

1. Tagore, Rabindranath, Sugata Bose, and Pramita Mallick. Viśvayātrī Rabīndranātha: Tagore, the World
Voyager : Songs Composed During Tagore's Overseas Voyages During 1912-1934. Kolkata: Bhavna Records and Cassettes, 2010. Sound recording. 4 audio CDs.

2. Tagore, Rabindranath, Subrata Mukhopadhaya, and Gopa Roy. Amaar Rabindranath: My Tagore. , 2010. Sound recording. Audio CD.

3. Tagore, Rabindranath, and Sugata Bose. Tagore, the World Voyager. , 2013. Print. Book.
You can see a list of the songs on the CDs by examining the detailed cataloged record.  
But listen to any of the 10 songs on title #2 My Tagore above by going to the playlist

Here is a list of the 10 songs -
  • Kul theke mor gaaner tari
  • Amaar bela je jay sanjh belate
  • Aaji marmardhwani keno jagilo ret
  • Ogo sundar, ekoda ki jani kon punyer phale
  • Tomar binay gaan chhilo
  • Tumi ki kebali chhabi
  • Sakarun benu bajaye ke jay
  • Ami chini go chini tomare, ogo bideshini
  • Tar hate chhilo hashir phuler har
  • Ami tomay jato shuniechhilem gaan
I hope that you also might check out these items - have a listen to the wonderous Bengali songs of Tagore and enjoy reading the English translations of Tagore's poetry and song lyrics.

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