Thursday, March 2, 2017

Second Annual Sweat Shirt Week Monday 6th March – Friday 10th March 2017.

Celebrate Spring by wearing your favorite colorful attire to work. Leave the winter doldrums behind. 

Join us. [Do you remember the First T-Shirt Week? ]
Announcing the Second Annual Sweat Shirt Week Monday 6th March – Friday 10th March 2017.
1. Now (March 2nd 2017), get ready for the Second Annual Sweat Shirt Week at the University of Virginia libraries, starting on Monday the 6th of March and running all work week ending Friday the 10th March 2017.
2. Okay – we know it might be warmish weather so this Sweat Shirt Week will include the option of T-shirts and other shirts or attire, plus sweat shirts.

3. Wear your favorite T- or Sweat shirts to work during the week – no, this is not a requirement, it is completely voluntary and in the spirit of fun.  Be creative and join in the spring celebrations.

4. Every day at noon we will gather at the steps of Alderman Library for a photo shoot. Smile! Come on over from any of the libraries – SEL, Music, Fine Arts, Clemons, Special Collections, etc. or from anywhere. Join us. If you can’t make it, have someone take a photo of you in your T- or Sweat Shirt and get it to me. More photos the better.

5. Also completely optional – NOT required, but some suggestions of daily themes

6th March Monday. Green (sweat shirts, T-shirts, plain shirts, sweaters, ribbons, pin, etc).. Yes, St Pat’s is more than a week away, but we’re a little early.
7th March Tuesday Reds Celebrating the colorful Tuesday (or pinks or purples) Sports T or Sweat shirts
8st March Wed. Its Spring Blues (blue sky, blue water, blues, blues) Schools / College T- or Sweat shirts
9rd March Thursday is a Dual day Either A. black, browns, dullness, the earth.  Environment, nature, parks, beaches, places, locations. T- or Sweat shirts. Or B. Yellows, brighten up, sun, sun, sun o or Organizations such as ALA, Semester at Sea, Charlottesville, cities T- or Sweat shirts
10th March Friday Whites! Cleanliness, celebration, pureness. Or your most favorite T- or Sweat shirt, whatever color or theme.

Send us any suggestions or comments, which might improve this event. Looking forward to hearing from you - write us at
Tell others - publicize it among your friends and fellow workers. The more the merrier.

Here’s photos of the First Annual Sweat Shirt Week at the University of Virginia March 17-25 2016