Thursday, March 10, 2016

First Annual Sweat Shirt Week, University of Virginia, 17-25 March 2016

Celebrate Spring by wearing your favorite colorful attire to work. Leave the winter doldrums behind. 

Announcing the First Annual Sweat Shirt Week at the University of Virginia libraries, starting on St. Patrick’s Day the Thursday the 17 March and running through the following Friday the 25 March 2016.
We’ve expanded the definition of ‘sweat shirt’ to include other attire (since several of us do not have 7 great Sweat Shirts to wear) – sweaters, special shirts or blouses or garments, pants, crazy socks (Suzanne B’s suggestion); and even small ribbons, sashes, ties, pins with messages or images on them, hats, baseball caps, jewelry? In combination with other attire or by themselves. Some themes are suggested (only) below.

Photo shoot at noon each day on the front steps of Alderman Library. But feel free to have others take photos of you alone or in pairs, etc. and send them on to me. Smile.

Deej suggests we call each day “express yourself” day.  Please join in

Be inventive, creative.  This is your chance to exhibit, shine in your favorite outfits. As Suzanne says - you have a week to plan your wardrobe.

Themes (colors, messages, types) Help me, help me! Send me suggestions or modifications. None of my suggestions below are set in stone.  What do you think?
Maybe --
17th March green (sweat shirts, shirts, sweaters, ribbon, pin, etc). St Pats sweat shirt, or other festival theme
18th March Friday reds Celebrating the colorful Friday (or pinks or purples) Sports or team sweat shirt
21st March Monday Its Spring Blues (blue sky, blue water, blues, blues). Schools / Colleges sweat shirt
22nd March Tuesday Yellows, oranges brighten up, sun, sun, sun. Organizations (ALA, Semester at Sea) and places (Charlottesville, cities) sweat shirts
23rd March Wed Hump day – boring, sad, nearing the last day of Sweat Shirt Week.  Black, browns, dullness, the earth.  (Environment, nature, places, Grand Canyon sweat shirt)
24th March Thursday Multicolor or any. International Day – wear your favorite native or ‘foreign’ sweat shirt or attire – German, Egyptian, Native American, African, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.
25th March Friday – the Last day – come clean. Whites! Cleanliness, celebration, pureness. Your most favorite sweat shirt or attire. 

Whoa! The Annual Sweat Shirt Week is over – can’t wait for next year.