Friday, June 15, 2018

Now Read This - South Asia Library news and bibliography June 2018

Spring Ends –  Summer Begins -- Fall Coming 2018     
       Another magnificent academic year has come to a close. Lots of interesting activities at or near the end. Now, what’s next, moving forward into this summer of 2018. What will you read, view, research, or travel, or prepare for your Fall 2018 courses?
       Books. At the bottom of this blog are some selected books (see video of the selected) and DVDs we’ve recent received, and a full WorldCat list of the 62 South Asia titles which arrived in the 2 months of March and April 2018. What’s your favorite, which you will check out from the library?

     Events. A. on Climate. In two sessions in late April 2018 Amitav Ghosh raised issues, first about “The Great Uprooting: Migration and Movement in the Age of Climate Change,” and then in his second session he exchanged views about the challenges of the future with Roy Scranton, author of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene, while moderator Debjani Ganguly ably joined the discussion and contributed her own interesting ideas. Do you know who David Buckel is and how he relates to all of these topics?
Discussion Challenges of the Future
Amitav on the Uprooting

B. Music concert. Then there was a wonderful India classical music concert enthusiastically applauded by the audience on the evening for the 21st of April 2018 in McLeod Hall Auditorium.
     C Religion talks. Four public discussions in March / April focused on religious topics, as organized by John Nemec --  
       1. Lawrence McCrea’s talk on “Inferring God: Arguments from Design in Classical Indian Theological Debate,” 19 April 2018
       2. Sanskrit scholar Yigal Bronner’s discussion of “Dandin's Magic Mirror,” 4 April 2018
       3 and 4. Lyne Bansat-Boudon (EPHE, Paris) presentations on “Theater as Religious Practice,” 29 March and “Antonin Artaud and Balinesse Theatre, or the Influence of the Eastern on the Western Stage,” 30 March 2018

Lyne Bansat-Boudon (EPHE, Paris) presentations on “Theater as Religious Practice,”
    D Symposia. If that wasn’t enough, the weekend of April 6-7, 2018 saw two two-day symposia – the local one held in the Univeristy of Virginia’s Rotunda discussed the many aspects of academic area studies programs, especially the Middle East and South Asia, while the second one, online from Emory University in Atlanta presented the growth and development of many projects in Digital Humanities, especially in support of teaching and research.
         1. “Envisioning 21st Century Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies,” a MESALC Spring 2018 Symposium at the University of Virginia. Click to examine its very full schedule.


On the second afternoon Bilal Qureshi (Culture Writer) talked about “Contested Histories & Cinematic Insecurities: The ‘Padmavati’ Problem” directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Our Clemons Library holds an earlier controversial film by that same director and titled Bajirao Mastani. Check it out under the call number VIDEO .DVD19305 pt.1 and pt. 2 for your summer viewing. (Since Clemons library is closed to the pubic this summer of 2018, you will need to use the “Request from Ivy” button to retrieve the DVDs)

          2. The other exciting symposium that weekend was in Atlanta, Georgia. It was streamed on the Internet from Emory University, examining the many facets and digital programs of Digital Humanities For the Study and Teaching of South Asia. Click to examine its very full Schedule
 For example, Yigal Bronner presented and showed us the PANDiT Project, a database for Indic texts.


In the near future Emory Digital Humanities (or the Symposium or contact librarian Ellen Ambrosone) plans to provide Internet access to its captured videos of the Symposium presentations, while the Symposium director Tessa Farmer plans to collect and edit several of the MESA Symposium papers in a published volume in the next year or two.

    E. Books again. Have a look at these 15 titles from among the 62 titles recently received.

Selected SouthAsia titles among recently received books and DVDs at the University of Virginia in Alderman Library, to be cataloged. Covering tantra (Sanskrit), Kashmir Saivism (Sanskrit), Dalai Lama picture book, Towards freedom documents 1947Modi foreign policy, Sultanate polity, British in the 19th century (2 volumes), DVD introducing Tibetan Buddhism, Tribal resistance movements, iconography, Braj poet (Hindi), Gaya dalits novel (Hindi), Manto collected works (Urdu), Women's status in the 8th century (Sanskrit), and gastronomic tourism in India.
South Asia titles 2018 May, 15 selected titles
Have a great summer 2018. Let me know if you have any questions or requests, write to