Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Third Annual Sweat Shirt Week Friday 2nd March – Thursday 8th March 2018.

First Annual Sweat Shirt Week (Blue) 2016
Come, celebrate Spring by wearing your favorite colorful attire to work

this Friday 2nd March through Thursday 8th March 2018.

Photo shoot at noon every day on Alderman steps  
Leave the winter doldrums behind. Colors and theme suggestions below #1. Just come! 
Do you remember? the First T-Shirt Week video?
2nd Annual Sweat Shirt Week 2017 Blue
1. Here are some completely optional basic suggestions of  daily colors and themes – NOT required, but some thoughts about them.
* 2nd March Friday. Green (sweat shirts, T-shirts, plain shirts, sweaters, ribbons, pin, etc).. Yes, St Pat’s is more than a week away, but we’re a  early. [This is also the day this year that the colorful Holi Festival is celebrated in India.]
* 5th March Bright Reds Celebrating the colorful Monday (or pinks or purples) Sports, T or Sweat shirts
6th March Tuesday. Its Spring Blues (blue sky, blue water, blues, blues), Schools / College T- or Sweat shirts
7th March Wedesday is a Dual day - Either A. black, browns, dullness, the earth.  Environment, nature, parks, beaches, places, locations. T- or Sweat shirts. Or B. Yellows, brighten up, sun, sun, sun o or Organizations such as ALA, Semester at Sea, Charlottesville, cities T- or Sweat shirts
* 8th March Thursday -  Whites! Cleanliness, celebration, pureness. Or your most favorite T- or Sweat shirt, whatever color or theme. Last day - thanks all. 

2. Right now (28 February or 1 March 2018), get ready for the Third Annual Sweat Shirt Week at the University of Virginia libraries, starting on this Friday 2nd March and running all work next week ending Thursday 8th March 2018. (This revised schedule is because of no-work day Friday the 9th March, and Spring Break all next week, so this year we go from Friday through Thursday)
3. Okay – we know it might be warmish weather so this Sweat Shirt Week will include the option of T-shirts and other shirts or attire, plus the usual sweat shirts.

4. Wear your favorite T- or Sweat shirts to work during the week – no, this is not a requirement, it is completely voluntary and in the spirit of fun.  Be creative and join in the spring celebrations.

5. Every day at noon for the photo shoot, we will gather at the steps of Alderman Library. Smile! Come on over from any of the libraries – SEL, Music, Fine Arts, Clemons, Special Collections, etc. or from anywhere (retirees are even welcome back). Join us. If you can’t make it, have someone take a photo of you in your T- or Sweat Shirt and get it to me. More photos the better.

Send us any suggestions or comments, which might improve this event. Looking forward to hearing from you - write us at
      Bring along others and tell them to spread the news - publicize it among your friends and fellow workers. The more the merrier.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Now Read This - 2018 Februray South Asian news and bibliography

Holi. Neeti Nair. Mehr on Saqi. And Feb 2018 SA Bibliography  
     Celebrate the Holi festival this Friday (2nd March 2018)
   All of Marg is now online! including the recent issue on Indian painting which we have the print copy in the Fine Arts library 

     Neeti Nair led a discussion on the 20th February 2018 at George Washington University on “Islam, Minorities, and the Making of a Democracy.” 

     Mehr Farooqi has written an obituary article “The Road Is Hard’: Remembering Urdu Poet Saqi” in the online 2018 November 2018 issue of The Wire. with a WorldCat list at
Women spraying Holi

         Enjoy the freezing and sometimes warm Winter weather of 2018.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Middle East book titles - 2018 February Recently added

    Here are some Middle East books (mostly Arabic language) we recently (February 2018) 
added to our VIRGO library catalog.
       Click on this link - 24 Titles in Excel File with hot links
The Excel file has columns of
         LCCN, Call Number, VIRGO hot linked (click on any), and Titles (in Arabic mostly)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Two 'global studies' events - coins and singing

    Two 'global studies' events - coins and singing this last weekend.
Dr. Sethuraman Suresh in Campbell Hall  

    1) First on Thursday late afteroon, a lecture by Sethuraman Suresh on "West Meets East: Commerce Between Ancient Rome and South Asia," with slides.  Did it really take a year for the Roman merchants (Greeks earlier)  to travel by sea, overland, up river, across the Arabian Sea to Kerala, then climb up and over the Western Ghats (sailing around the tip of India was more dangerous because of ferocious pirates) to the area south of Chenai, buy cloth and spices paying with their Roman gold and silver coins, and then take the trip back? This was during the 100 or so years before A.D. and several hundred years after. Here's one sample of a Roman coin found in a south Indian archeological site, defaced to reduce its value in competition with the value of local coins. 
Roman gold coin

Tabla M Abhyankar and vocalist N. Bajekal in Old Cabell Hall
     2) The second event, on Friday afternoon, a colloquium or workshop, led and performed by Hindustani classical vocalist Nirmal Bajekal accompanied on the tabla by Mayuresh Abhyankar. After demonstration singing, Ms. Bajekal led us all to sing some basic ragas - what a new, first-time great experience.  Mr. Abhyankar also talked and demonstrated various beats and rhythm patterns on the tabla.  

     I wish that I had been able to hear Ms. Bajekal’s Indian vocal ensemble Swaraprabha that evening in Cabell Hall. Click on
         At least I greatly enjoyed and learned from two of the 'global studies" events at the University of Virginia last week.