Thursday, July 20, 2017

Celebrate the Third Annual T-Shirt Week

Wear a t-shirt next week, come to the daily photo shoot.
(Details below of when, who, where, what - too many words? Forget the details - Just do it!)

Join us* in celebrating the Third Annual T-Shirt Week at the library, starting next Monday the 24th of July 2017, continuing all week to be topped off with Hawaiian shirt day on the last Friday of July (this year the 28th of July).

This is completely voluntary.

*Us = anyone, or specifically all who work at the Libraries, including staff, librarians, workers – AND those who otherwise work in the Libraries (that includes Papers people and others), plus any and all guests, friends, and family who might be around next week to join us, a fantastic bunch of people.

Noon Photo Shoot – (we click the camera at 12:05, be there) every day, on the steps of Alderman Library. Show off your T-Shirt.  But, if you can’t make the shoot, please take some selfies or have someone take a photo of you with  your fellow library participants, and send them to us (

Suggested, Optional Themes - for the Third Annual T-Shirt Week (2017), topics and / or colors. These are completely up to you, your preferences to wear a shirt of the day’s theme or color, or to ignore them and wear what you want.

If you can’t make it every day, come at least once during the week – not just from Alderman, but other libraries, Special Collections, SEL, Music, Fine Arts, etc.  Gordon Ave? City?

*Monday (24th July) Local or Monticello or Charlottesville connected day. Alternative – any shirt with an animal on it (Warner) or “Geek Galore” Day.  Break out those obscure references, those Firefly shirts, those corny knock-knock joke shirts … just a thought (R. Peters) Suggested color = RED
*Tuesday (25th July) Cruise, road trip, travel, visits, Semester at Sea day. Suggested color = BLUE or GREEN
*Wed (26th July) University of Virginia (sports or general), or some other University or College you like or attended. Suggested color = ORANGE
*Thursday (27th July) Vintage T-Shirt day (Warner), or Music, concert, band day. Suggested color = WHITE and / or BLACK
*Friday (28th July) Hawaiian or snazzy shirt day (since Ellen and others don’t have an Hawaiian shirt, just wear a snazzy or colorful one). Suggested color = MIXED
Do you remember the 2 minute TShirt Dance of the first annual t-shirt week?
Here’s Poe all t-shirted from way back in 2007+
--Philip McEldowney

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Some summer reading (2017 July)

                                                                                                      On the cover of Biblio Ap-June 2017
The April-June 2017 Biblio’s table of contents is at
We (UVa) do not subscribe to the expensive online digital version, but we do have an airmail subscription for the print edition, located in our Asian periodicals room on the 2nd floor of Alderman
    In this Biblio issue - some articles on the Tebhaga Women’s Movement,
    * a book on the “Liberation of Sita” (translated from Telegu),
    * “Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows,”
     * history of Indian sport,
     * “Maid in India,”
     * “Memior of a Sri Lankan Housemaid,” and
     * “Love in Chakiwara. . .” by Muhammad Khalid Akhtar, translated from Urdu by Bilal Tanweer, etc.
    Z1035.A1 B43 CURRENT ISSUES IN THE ASIAN STUDIES ROOM in Alderman 2nd floor.

   From the Telegraph
     *It’s review of Chakiwara 2017 June 9, p. 12 Tales from a lost time “Love in Chakiwara” Muhammad Khalid Akhtar
   *there’s an interesting article on Bengali food
  2017 June 25 Dum Mast Must (Food over time)
    *About the Beatles and Indians 2017 June 10, p. 4 “Forgotten Indians in Beatles album tracked”
    *R. Guha on Harijan term 2017 June 10, p. 10 Rise and fall of the term ‘Harijan’ R. Guha
    *R. Guha on Modi and Shah 2017 June 24 p. 16 Guha on Modi and Shah
    *Food again 2017 June 9, p., Paperback – Shared tables: Family Stories and recipes from Poona to La by Kaumudi Marathe. More about people, but see her earlier “The Essential Marathi Cookbook.
     Shared Tables listed on WorldCat at with link to Amazon $20.76
     We have the earlier work (Marathi Cookbook) listed on WorldCat Our copy is in Alderman

There are also 5 recent books from India in Alderman Library
   which includes G̲h̲āliba ke patra Now checked out
    and on Mir or Mīra Kī Kavitā. Etc – daughters, environment, and Muslim women in medieval India

Or 7 titles, even more recently from India which are titles on Pakistan creation, Mahasweta Devi’s “Subaltern speaks,” Bhagat Singh’s Jail notebook, another Tantric Studies volume, “Bengali women in love, 1850-1930,” the “Indian Ocean Civilization,” and even Modi on the environment and climate change!
     Enjoy – sorry if this is too long a list, too dense – but there’s some great or at least interesting stuff here.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Titles recommended in July 2017

[send me YOUR recommendations -]
Recommended books as of July 2017
By Philip McEldowney

1. The dalliance of leopards : a thriller / Stephen Alter.
Alter, Stephen, author.
call number:PS3551 .L77 D35 2017

2. A house called Askival / Merryn Glover.
Glover, Merryn, author.
call number:PR6107 .L68 H68 2014         

3. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
Arundhati Roy
PR9499.3 .R59 M56 2017 (2 copies, both checked out) Audio book

4. The end of imagination / Arundhati Roy.
Roy, Arundhati, author.
call number:PR9499.3 .R59 A6 2016

5. In the Jungles of the Night: A Novel About Jim Corbett
Stephen Alter. New Delhi : Aleph Book Company, 2016.
Item is on order at   
Not available yet (as of June 2017) in Amazon, but maybe through from This title, costing US$ 7.00 with Shipping at US$ 15.74 = $22.74.

Now – some food books -
6. Feasts and fasts : a history of food in India.
Colleen Taylor Sen. London, UK : Reaktion Books, 2015. $12.92 paperback

7. First food : culture of taste.
Vibha Varshney; Aditya Misra, (Editor); Priya Talwar; Richard Mahapatra; Centre for Science and Environment (New Delhi, India), New Delhi : Centre for Science and Environment, [2017] $49.99 paperback

8. Shared tables : family stories and recipes from poona to la.
Kaumudi Marathé. [S.l.] : SPEAKING TIGER BOOKS, 2017. $14.87 paperback
9. The essential Marathi cookbook.
Kaumudi Marathé. New Delhi ; New York : Penguin Books, 2009.