Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exploring a potential donation to the library [mid November 2011]

Two of us University of Virginia librarians arranged a meeting with a donor to explore, examine, and discuss the possibilities of a gift of Persian language materials from him which would be added and enhance our library collection.  We held the meeting in mid-November 2011. It was an interesting and pleasant exchange of information and ideas - a learning experience for all.  Hope that we may work it out in the future.

Here's some photos of the titles under consideration and our meeting.


Two title pages

Enjoying discussing the book as artifact
14 titles

New DVDs in Kannada language - 31

We recently received 31 DVDs in Kannada language, motion pictures.  Most have English subtitles and are considered some of the best in recent years. They will be added to our UVa library collection and available through Clemons Library Media Center

Have a look through a listing of them at

Here's a photo of some of them
Kannada DVDs