Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recordings of Tagore's Poems and Songs

Sung by Pramita Mallick. Translations and Readings by Sughata Bose, 2010

Rabindranath Tagore songs - I'm enjoying listening to the words, translations, and singing of 40 poems/songs on this 4 CD Pack, and 10 more on another CD. Harvard historian Sugata Bose has done a marvelous project and Pramita Mallick sings these 40 Bengali poems, to my great enjoyment. Post or graphics 1 of 3 on this topic. The front and back of two CDs - A "The World Voyager" (40 songs listed on the back) and B "My Tagore" (10 songs listed on the back) [Click any image for larger]

Question - Is it possible for Westerners to enjoy and appreciate poems translated from another language - Bengali, and turned into song? Harvard historian Sugata Bose discusses this briefly in a 2:18 minute video, about translating Rabindranath Tagore poems and songs. Post 2 of 3 on this topic.

A sample of Tagore's poems and songs from the 40 poem / song set, which historian Sugata Bose has translated and Pramita Mallick sings on the CDs of "Tagore: The World Voyager" (Bhavna, Kolkata. 2010). Worldcat listing =

Have a listen. Post 3 of 3 on this topic. 4:33 video - words and song.

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