Monday, October 6, 2014

South Asia New in Fall 2014

New books for the Fall of 2014 from South Asia. Cook with new books, one the Jewels of the Nizam and the other "Oh! Calcuatta". History and politics - partition, colonial clubs, Ghadar, Habib on economics, Bengal Zamindar. Then social aspects of Anglo-Indians, Dalits, social scientists. Literature - Ruskin Bond and others English.  Delhi in the eyes of a Pakistani, Delhi's architecture, also Kolkata and Mushidabad.  A graphic book of the legend of Karna. Early portrait photography, and some stunning photos of tigers and an anthology of almost 100 writings (V. Thapar's Tiger Fire). Finally a kids' colorful picture book on Diwali.  And, of course, many more, too many to list. Check them out, have a look. [Click on a title to see more at WorldCat; Click on an image to see a larger version.]

Chatterjee, Anjan. Oh! Calcutta Cookbook. 2013.

Chokshi, Shaili. Study of Colonial Clubs As a Building Type. Ahmedabad: CEPT University Press, 2012.

Tiwari, Manish, and Rajan Pandey. Battleground U.P.: Politics in the Land of Ram. Chennai: Tranquebar Press, 2013.

Grewal, J. S., Harish K. Puri, and Indu Banga. The Ghadar movement: background, ideology, action, and legacies. 2013.

Habib, Irfan. Indian Economy Under Early British Rule, 1757-1857. [Aligarh]: Aligarh Historians Society, 2013.

Satyanarayana, K., and Susie J. Tharu. The Exercise of Freedom: An Introduction to Dalit Writing. New Delhi: Navayana Pub, 2013.

Santra, Manas Kumar. The Largest Musalman Zamindari in Bengal: Birbhum Under the Pathan Royal Family, 1600-1765. Kolkata: Progressive Publishers, 2013.
Muthiah, S., and Harry MacLure. The Anglo-Indians: A 500-Year History. 2013.

Mukalel, Benny M. J. Joseph. Vistas: A Study on the Early Writings of Ruskin Bond. 2013.

Dehejia, Harsha V., and Keśavadāsa. Rasikapriya = Rasikapriyā : ritikavya of Keshavdas in ateleirs of love. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld, 2013.

Sur, Anuradha Dutta. Lal Kot to Lal Qila: The Architectural Heritage of Delhi : a Journey Through Time. New Delhi: ABI Prints & Pub. Co, 2014.

Das, Neeta, and Rosie Llewellyn-Jones. Murshidabad: Forgotten Capital of Bengal. 2013.

Halder, Sibabrata, and Manju Halder. Colonial Architecture of Kolkata: Reflections of the European Building-Art in Eastern Enterprise. Kolkata: Urbee Prakashan, 2013.

Pinney, Christopher, Beth Citron, and Rahaab Allana. Allegory & Illusion: Early Portrait Photography from South Asia. New Delhi, India: Published by Mapin Pub. and Alkazi Collection of Photography, 2013.

Thapar, Valmik. Tiger Fire: 500 Years of the Tiger in India. New Delhi: Aleph Book Co, 2013.

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