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New! Books - arrived December 2012

See this list of new books which have arrived from South Asia in the last weeks and will be cataloged and added to our library collections at the University of Virginia.  Most are in Alderman library, some in the Fine Arts library, and a small number in the Science and Engineering library.

Have a look, review the titles, and check them out.


Pakistani food




Food – chillis, Pakistani. Writings - Faiz, Bhisham Sahni. Architecture – Chandigarh, Orcha, Nepal.
Politics / economics – land, rice, parliament, Bengal, Punjab, tsanami. Higer education. Naxals.
History – essays, symposia, Malaviya, Mujibur, Muslims, Lucknow, Bahawalpur, Sultana Raziya, medieval.
Other - Adivasis, rural women.
  1. Gogate, S., & Jalihal, S. (2012).Romancing the chilli: Chillies & chutneys. New Delhi: Rupa Publications India.
  2. Ramzi, S. (2012). Food prints: An epicurean voyage through Pakistan : overview of Pakstani cuisine. Karachi: Oxford University Press.
  3. Faiz̤, F. A., & Kāliyā, R. (2011). Faiza kī sadī: Laghu sañcayana va vivecana. Nayī Dillī: Bhāratīya Jñanapīṭha. And a list of new Urdu books (click here)
  4. Tripathi, D. P.(2011). Celebrating Faiz. New Delhi: Vij Books India.
  5. Sahni, B., & Sahni, K. (2011). Sampūrṇa nāṭaka. Naī Dillī: Rājakamala Prakāśana. Complete plays of Bhisham Sahni.
  6. Doongaji, D. H., Puri, R. I., & Amar Chitra Katha Pvt Ltd. (2010). Great Indian classics. Mumbai: Amar Chitra Katha. “This Amar Chitra Katha collection brings together a sample of the Indian literary tradition down the years. It starts with the works of Kalidasa, moving to Sanskrit romances of the Gupta Age, and ancient Tamil Sangam literature which was influenced by Jain and Buddhist thought.”
  7. Pai, A., & Kadam, D. (2011). Mahabharata. Mumbai: Amar Chitra Katha. 3 volumes.
  8. Sharma, S. (2009). Corb's capitol: [a journey through Chandigarh architecture]. Chandigarh: Abhishek Publications.
  9. Rothfarb, E., & Marg Foundation (India). (2012). Orchha and beyond: Design at the court of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela. Mumbai: Marg Foundation.
  10. Dangol, P. (2011). Elements of Nepalese temple architecture. New Delhi: Adroit Publishers.

Fistful of rice

Parliamentary directory

Minorities Bengal

Debt Punjab

Women Disaster

Higher Education
  1. Bandyopadhyay, D., Saxena, K. B., Mohanty, M., & Chakravartty, S. (2012). A fistful of dry rice: Land, equity and democracy : essays in honour of D. Bandyopadhyay. Delhi: Aakar Books.
  2. Gosvāmī, B. (2011). Saṃsadīya śabdakosha. Jayapura: Rāja Pabliśiṅga Hāusa. Dictionary parliamentary terms; with reference to India.
  3. Dasgupta, A., Togawa, M., & Barkat, A. (2011). Minorities and the state: Changing social and political landscape of Bengal. New Delhi: SAGE.
  4. Sidhu, A., & Jaijee, I. S. (2011). Debt and death in rural India: The Punjab story. Thousand Oaks, Calif: SAGE.
  5. Enarson, E. P., & Dhar, C. P. G. (2009). Women, gender and disaster : global issues and initiatives. Los Angeles: Sage.
  6. Agarwal, P. (2009). Indian higher education: Envisioning the future. New Delhi: SAGE Publications


Jharkhand officer


History symposia

M M Malaviya

  1. Kumar, M. (2012). The Naxalite movement in Bihar: Ideology, setting, practice and outcome. New Delhi: Manak Publications.
  2. Mānasa, M. (2011). Hindi kavita ki tisari dhara. Nai Dilli: Svaraja Prakasana. Study of the
    Hindi poetry influence by Naxalbari peasant movement; covers the post 1930 period.
  3. Sāhā, H. (2011). Jhārakhaṇḍa kā sitārā: Upanyāsa. Dillī: Śubhadā Prakāśana. Novel based on a police officer and his contribution in society as social reformer.
  4. Ali, R. U.(2012). Empire in retreat: The story of India's partition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  5. Bagchi, A. K., Acharya, J., Ghosh, S., Mukherjee, J., & Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata.(2011). Four essays on writing economic history of colonial India. Kolkata: Published by Institute of Development Studies in association with Progressive Publishers.
  6. Jafri, S. Z. H., & Indian History Congress. (2012). Recording the progress of Indian history: Symposia papers of the Indian History Congress, 1992-2010. New Delhi: Primus Books.
  7. Maini, S. K., Pandey, V., & Chandramouli, K. (2011). Visionary of modern India: Madan Mohan Malaviya. New Delhi: Showcase.
  8. Mujibur, R. (2012). The unfinished memoirs. Karachi: Oxford university Press.
  9. Nizami, Z. A., Mohammad, J. R., Ashraf, M., Khan, S. U., & Institute of Objective Studies (New Delhi, India). (2011). The role of Muslims in the Indian freedom struggle, 1857-1947. New Delhi: Institute of Objective Studies. Added volumes 2-3 to v. 1.
  10. Singh, M. (2011). Lucknow: A city between cultures. New Delhi: Academic Foundation.



Medieval 3


Rural women

Sikh heritage
  1. Shahāmat, A. (2012). The history of Bahawalpur, with notices of the adjacent countries of Sindh, Afghanistan, Multan, and the West of India. Lahore: Sang-e-Meel Publications.
  2. Mevārāma, . (2011). Sultāna Raziyā: [Sultāna Raziyā ke jīvana para kendrita aitihāsika upanyāsa]. Nayī Dillī: Bhāratīya ñānapīṭha. Historical novel based on the life of Raziya, Sultana of Delhi, d. 1240.
  3. Siddiqi, I. H., Iraqi, S., & Bhadani, B. L. (2003). Medieval India. New Delhi: Manohar. Volume 3 of a series.
  4. Das, G. S.,& Basu, R. S. (2012). Narratives from the margins: Aspects of adivasi history in India. New Delhi: Primus Books.
  5. Dimri, J. (2012). Images and representation of the rural women: A study of the selected novels of Indian women writers. Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study.
List of South Asia Notable titles in December 2012 (click here). Also a list of new Urdu books (click here)

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