Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maps - Pakistan and more

Maps of Pakistan, from the 1960s.  Have a look.

Recently our University of Virginia catalogers have be adding India, Pakistan, and other South Asian maps to our collection.  These mostly were brought up from the Alderman library basement when it was cleared out in 2010.  They had been there since the mid-1970s along with lots of other stuff (books, magazines, census - in English and other languages).

This post concerns a set of about 50 maps, mainly of taluqs and divisions of Pakistan as it existed around 1967.  They are reproductions based on late 19th century (the 1880s) maps.  They have very basic information - town and village names, roads, rivers, hills, and geographic locations.

The 50-60 Pakistani map do not cover all of the Pakistan area - missing are some places like Karachi, Raulpindi, etc.

More than half are 'new' (new location names with longitude and latitude, etc.) were added to OCLC by one of our catalogers, since none existed before in that database. The language is Sindhi. The company which produced them, and is a good search term, is the "Haqqi Brothers."

Here's the Haqqi Brothers Map list

Have a look at two samples.