Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Library Resources Fall 2009 UVa

Welcome to a new academic year! Hope all goes well.  Let me know if I or the library may be a help in any way.

Here's some further information about
1. Subject Library Guides
2. Online Journals
3. Books
4. the Asian Studies Room in Alderman Library

1. The main Library Guide for South Asian studies is
It is pretty basic and sparse so far, and I welcome you to look at it and make any suggestions of what to add there - links, information, news, etc.
Some other Guides are for Urdu, as well as South Asian History and specifically for class on the history of the Partition of India. Guides for Hindi and Persian will be developed in the future.

2. Online Journals.  We have recently revived our online subscription for the Economic and Political Weekly.  If you are logged in to UVa's online access, you may search and see full-text any EPW article from 1999 to the present.  Full-text of various Indian newspapers and of the India Today magazine are available through Lexis/Nexis.  You are probably aware of how to access online magazines such as Seminar and newspapers such as the Telegraph, which don't need authentication for online access.

3. Books. A large number of books arrived during the first 8 months of 2009.  Two lists of (A) English books  (B) of 2009 cover a large number of topics of food, art, history (1857 and partition), politics, anthropology, etc There are also a lists of recently received Persian language, and Hindi and Urdu language books

4. Asian Studies Room in Alderman.  We are continuing to remodel, improve, and add to the Asian Studies Room on the Second floor of Alderman Library.  Recently East Asian and South Asian Reference materials have been moved from the 4th floor and added to the Asian Studies Room. We are also moving Asian current periodicals, journals, and newspapers to the room at the entrance to the Asian Studies Room.  We are planning for adding some appropriate art works to the AS Room.  Two computers will be added to the Room. Come by and see the developments of the Asian Studies Room.  We hope that Asian reference, journals, newspapers, and wall art will be available by mid-November 2009 or so.  We encourage students and faculty to enjoy the Asian Studies Room as a center for research and study.

Please feel free to leave public comments on this blog (below), or to contact me [pm9k at] or other librarians about any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.

I hope you may have been able to attend some of the Workshop on North Indian Vernaculars (18-19 September 2009). Here are some photos.

My previous Go Sher blog (August 2009) was about videos - have a look at it, if you have not seen it as yet.

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