Friday, August 28, 2009

South Asia videos, talking books, music on dvds

A large number of media arrived in Alderman Library at the University of Virginia during the summer of 2009 and will be cataloged in the coming month or two. They include
  1. motion picture videos on DVD
  2. documentaries on DVD and VCD
  3. music on DVD and VCD
  4. and finally 'talking books'
The motion picture videos on DVDs run to about 130, with a little less than half coming from Pakistan, mainly in Urdu and Punjabi languages, while the rest are from India, mostly in Hindi. Few have English sub-titles.

You can find a list of these at worldcat -

Each list may be sorted by title, author, newest/oldest, and date added.
If you select 'date added' with oldest first, you will see the Pakistani titles first with the India titles second in the list of 130 South Asia Videos of 2009.

Here are some photos (also at Picasa) of the India DVDs

Secondly, there are a about 60 DVDs and VCDSs which are non-motion pictures, but documentaries, music, and other media on DVDs and VCDs. See the media list at

Among these are some DVDs with play dramas of selected Prem Chand stories, two dvds on painters (the one on Rabindranath Tagore's paintings also includes some of his songs in Bengali with English sub-titles) , DVDs on film directors, science DVDs on bamboo, on Afghan women's movements, on Sanskrit manuscripts, and music DVDs.

There are 25 DVDs with music and some on dance, including Bhimsen Joshi, Subbulaksmi, Ustad Bishmillah Khan, Sufiana Qawalis, and Kathak, Odissi, etc. dance, at this list

Finally there are 7 "Talking Books" of sound recordings including Ludhiyanvi's Urdu poetry, H. Josi, S. Catopadhyaya, Rajvamsha, and Premchand's fiction, at this list

So, check out this new crop of South Asia media - if you see some things not yet cataloged, send me a request, and I'll see if I can rush them along for you.

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