Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can non-dancers do a Bollywood dance?

April, the month of Fools, but no fools here. Rather lots of new South Asia resources which have arrived in Alderman library - videos (list A and list B), and books in English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Persian, etc.

But maybe a little foolishness, before the interesting, serious books, R Sarma, asks "Can non-dancers do a Bollywood dance?" (in his book"Dance with jhalak dikhhla jaa.") What do you think?

Two collected works head this list - one by S. Kakar and one by Andre Beteille. Next P. Yogesa writes on the rulers of Oudh, while G Omvedt tries to understand caste from Buddha to Ambedkar and beyond. S. Chattopadhyay examines Muzaffar Ahmad, an early communist in Calcutta, while T. Weber considers Gandhi's relationship with Western women.  R. Govinda asks "Who goes to school?" Next, while M. Gottlob looks at the history and politics in post-colonial India, N Jayarm covers the subject of the diversity in the Indian diaspora, and G. K. Nagappa considers the place of the Bhagavad Gita in the nationalist discourse.  Then there are two volumes on the history of India's environment, as well as writings of D. R. Gadgil on the Indian economy, and the Maharashtra volumes of the "People of India" series. Four books on art or photography follow - one on the Indian painter Naisukh of Guler, one on Indian bronzes, and the photographs of Forgotten Dilli and Varanasi's civilization. The lighter fare ends this list with R Sarma's "Dance" book, along with books on diet, Gordon Ramsay's Indian recipes, and cookbooks from a Chettinad kitchen and on Konkani saraswat food.

The most recent annual editions of the Guide to Indian Periodical literature (2010) and Who's who in the India Parliament (Fifteenth) also have been added, as well as an interesting and colorful ebook on Illustrated Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka.

Have a look, check them out.

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