Thursday, March 17, 2011

South Asia Collections as of March 2011

South Asia Collections as of March 2011

Here is a sampling and lists of the University of Virginia collections of South Asian materials as of March 2011, including Bengali books (41) and videos (24), Urdu (44) and Hindi (126) books including translations of all of the Hairi Potara = Harry Potter books (7), the Dalai Lama talking on Buddhism in 6 sets of videos, some outstanding South Asia books, videos of Indian writers and artists (22 about 30 minutes each), how different writers have translated stories from Indian languages into English (7), and talking books, ie audio CDs of Indian writings (20).

Bengali videos (24) acquired during 2010
Bengali books (41) acquired during 2010

Urdu books (44) acquired during 2010

Hindi books (126) acquired during 2010
Such as Hairi Pottara = Harry Potter - translated into Hindi (7)

The Dalai Lama presents talks on various aspects of Tibetan Buddhism on DVD (6)

South Asia books (30) acquired during November 2010
Such as A) Handbook of Muslims in India (2010)
and B) Towards freedom : documents on the movement for independence in India. 1941

Writers from India - videos (22)

Translators of Indian literature (7) Examples of 7 stories translated by different writers

Talking books from India 2009 (20)
Talking book such as Nirmala : upanyasa by Premchand

Please feel free to contact me if you have some suggestions or any comments or questions about South Asia library materials. Philip McEldowney  at

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